Can I use Mastering The Audition, Live! on my cell phone?

Yes, as long as your cell phone can store and play audio files and even videos (the iPhone can do both). Check with your cell phone company to see if your phone is capable of downloading and playing MP3 or video files. However, the way to get the greatest benefit is to purchase both ‘Mastering The Audition’ ebook and ‘Mastering The Audition, Live!’ mp3. Read the ebook first then listen to the mp3. Both your insight and retention of the material will rise dramatically.

I’m having trouble downloading the MP3. Am I missing something?
Sometimes computers behave in unexpected ways. Try to download the file again but this time right-click on the mp3 file link and you’ll see a drop down menu. Scroll down to the “’Save As…’” option. Click on that. A window will pop-up that asks you to save the file to your computer. That should allow you to save it to your desktop. If you are still having trouble, please contact customer support and we will help you.
How do I open the ebook?
Simply place the username and password you received into the appropriate boxes on the opening page. If you didn’t receive a username and password or they don’t seem to be functioning properly, please contact customer support immediately at support@masteringtheaudition.com. A customer service representative will contact you within 24 hrs and will resolve the issue to your satisfaction or your money back. Guaranteed.


Does John Marshall Jones do private coaching?
Yes, you can contact him at the Mastering The Audition offices @ 800-270-0360


Are there any other free services with this product?
Yes! You have access to our blog, podcast, and youtube channel which offers celebrity interviews and support services to working actors. Feel free to explore and take advantage of what we are offering. There is no other product and services combination for actors like it in the world! Also, please tell us ideas you have or if there are new services you’d like for us to add.


Is this the same as taking an acting class?
Acting classes generally focus on your acting skills. Mastering The Audition is here to equip you with the interview skills you need to get the job. Highly developed audition skills are the keys to the kingdom. Also, please remember, Mastering The Audition is university level instruction created by a highly successful and skilled professional. When classes are taught on this level they often cost well over $1000 for each rotation not including the costs of books, gas, parking, etc. It’s a major expense. The Mastering The Audition series was created to make this information both affordable and accessible to you. Put the money you save into pictures, resumes and other essentials to help your business grow.


Is this product okay for kids?
Yes, the content is family friendly and recommended for actors ages 10 and up.


Where do I go to find auditions?
Online, there are two major sources, Backstage.com and Breakdown Services. Each of these provides a large quantity and variety of auditions in different regions of the country.


How do I get an agent?
It’s tricky but obviously not impossible. Agents are business people. They’re in it for the money. So the important question is, ‘How do I make myself appear to be marketable so that an agent will feel like they can make money off of me?’ Answer: Get to work! Nothing is more appealing to a businessperson than a hard worker. You should get yourself on stage five nights per week doing something: acting, singing, comedy, etc. The more you are on stage, the more comfortable you become with your craft and the better chance that you’ll be seen as someone who can attract an audience. That’s why the Mastering The Audition series is your greatest ally. It will help you to hone the skill of getting work.


Do I need to be in the Screen Actors Guild to work?
No, there are many non-union jobs posted on Backstage.com and Breakdown Services. However, the Screen Actors Guild and American Federation of Television and Radio Artists offers labor protections that keep people from ripping you off. They also provide health insurance services as well as work place safety inspections and other services to protect working actors from abuse.


How do I become a member of the Screen Actors Guild?
The most direct way is to buy in. You can also receive vouchers for doing union “Extra” work (not extra homework but being an “Extra” on the set). Upon receiving 3 vouchers you become eligible to join the union. For more details, call the Screen Actors Guild directly at 323-954-1600.